Filter Coffee Break

Nothing can beat a cuppa coffee ! Although I am not a coffee addict, i need my early morning dose of caffeine. A South Indian house without filter coffee is like a table without legs. I am addicted to filter coffee these days. The aroma of filter coffee just fills the house and awakens ones senses.

Every morning I start my chores with the filter coffee maker, a two-part metal cylindrical container. The upper part is perforated , also called as the percolator, through which the decoction will flow into the lower part of the maker.  Its a simple fix-me-up maker contrary to the complex coffee makers available these days. Coffee brewing is an art in itself. It took me months to master the art of brewing a perfect cup of filter coffee. Me being an instant coffee lover, the switch to filter coffee wasn’t easy. The process of making the decoction and then pouring out a cup of coffee when I am not even out of my sleep completely, was a bit of a humdrum. But by the time, the coffee is poured into the cup, the sleep is out of the window.

Back during my hostel days, I was an Instant coffee addict. It was a perfect beverage when I had to rush out for college, or when spending sleepless nights with huge volumes of books. I remember buying a sachet of instant coffee and stacking up my monthly allocation of caffeine. The reason for bringing in sachet was to limit my intake of coffee to one cup per day.

As time flew by, I grew averse to instant coffee and switched on to filter coffee. Occasionally, i do indulge in richer versions of coffee like lattes, mocha, cream whipped coffees. But that is just momentary pleasure. By the time I am done with a cup of mocha, my stomach is about to burst. I just can’t handle a huge mug of coffee that too from any of the Starbucks rip offs!. I would better stick to my pure filter coffee made from the best coffee beans in the world.. Yummm…