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Indian Reality Shows—A Farce?

What is the reality about reality shows on indian television? They are going nowhere…As simple as that. It is a mix of drama, scripted dialogues, screams and shrieks just to entertain the Indian middle class, as if the soap operas weren’t enough already.So what is it that persuades the thinking mind to see a couple of non entities bitching and screaming their guts out?Hmmm…quite a question!

May be bringing in a superstar to host this yet another scripted reality show does the trick! Or is it that we as humans enjoy fights and bickering as long as it is from a safe distance. How mean! Even in life, people enjoy the regular fights among the neighborhood couple, Work place gossips have a special holding in each working professional’s life. Similarly, Indian television seems is getting on to this bandwagon speedily. Casting couches, dance shows, tears of joy and sorrow, abusive dialogues rule the roost.

Recently a reality show on television garnered great TRPs by bringing in abusive contestants. And yes the channel got what they wanted. The entire nation got hooked on to the abuses and shrieks and thus became a huge topic of discussion in colleges, work places and among friends. The latest news heard was the channel roped in a  Hollywood celebrity to grab the Indian male eyeballs. Sigh!! This was the last nail in the coffin and a well placed one too.

A lot has changed over the years in the Indian television scenario. There is no substance, no essence, nothing for the intelligent thinking man. Even the news channels have joined the TRP rat race. Less said the better about our Gen X music channels!! What are your views on the current crop of so-called reality shows on Indian television??


2 thoughts on “Indian Reality Shows—A Farce?

  1. I think it reflects a lack of imagination. All these shows Bigg Boss, Splitsvilla etc. are copies of Western shows. Now it’s a race to the bottom to make the most vile, lewd and cruel show to win ratings.

    What I find curious is how professional class people want to watch “Reality” and working class people crave “Fantasy” e.g. Rajnikant movies that disrespect physics, biology etc. Nobody is superior!

    Are you above all this? I find it hard to believe that you don’t enjoy gossip yourself 🙂

    1. I used to enjoy these shows once upon a time! May be because of sheer curiosity….Now the novelty has worn off and all that remains is so called ‘celebs’ being paid to dole out expletives!! Now that’s something very hard to digest and the least entertaining of all!

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