Phone Mannerisms

Talking loudly on the phone

Just when I was wondering what to post on my blog, my dear colleague yelled it out to me!!! Yes he literally did…and the entire bay heard him out too. He has a very annoying habit of talking (screaming) loudly over the phone. Although he might be a very good friend of mine, sometimes I feel that I should seriously let him know that he is talking on the phone to just another colleague of mine. Phew!!

Is it that  my ears are over sensitive or is it genuinely, an annoying fact faced by half of the world’s population? I live in Mumbai, already a noisy, dusty and a bit unorganized yet wonderful city. So my ear drums are used to loud crackers at any time of the day, loud public announcements, crappy Bollywood tunes remixed into devotional songs at the highest decibel during Navratri and other zillion Indian festivals. However, the one thing that gets on my nerves, is when people yell on the phone! A telephonic conversation is supposed to be T-E-L-E-P-H-O-N-I-C.

My workplace is full of people who believe in letting the world know what they had for breakfast, lunch and what they might not have for dinner. I already know that the girl sitting next to next to next to my cubicle is looking out for a house in Mumbai. I have the prices of real estate at my finger tips by now! In case any of you is interested, please reach out to me 🙂 My colleague discusses Excel problems over the phone and at his loudest best. And that too, post lunch, when I am trying my best to look focussed. Please spare me the Math, dude! In fact, I have experienced this everywhere, so the workplace shouldn’t be an exception any more.

Have you dared to buy vegetables in the local market in Mumbai? I need not say anything further. The ear splitting shrieks of vendors selling their stuff is enough to make you run away to some corner of  the world. There was an instance when I had to tell the vendor that I am not deaf, lest he thought so. Talking loudly is not rude here or that is what it looks like. It is highly embarrassing when people talk loudly over their phones in trains, libraries, parks and ignore other people’s discomfort. I had overheard a guy in the bus, talking to his girlfriend rather fighting with her over the phone. Moreover, the fight came to blows with the use of expletives, which made everyone in the bus squirm in their seats. Thankfully, the person got down without causing further embarrassment to all. Then there has been the usual flirty and lovey dovey stuff, a girl fighting with her mom and yelling at her for not letting her go out with her friends. Sigh!

At times like this, the best saying that comes to my rescue is “Ignorance is Bliss”.


16 thoughts on “Phone Mannerisms

  1. India is a loud country….
    Whether in food, colours or sounds!

    But, yeah, telephone mannerisms are something that we lack a bit….

    We don’t think of privacy many times when we are talking over the phone, either! 😉
    And most of us are too happy and interested in watching and hearing other people’s half conversations! 😛

    The vegetable market is one thing…. try going to the fish market.
    If you like people screaming in your ear, people pushing you to get to their destinations, the ‘wonderful’ smell of fresh, raw fish and the female vendors gossiping loudly, you are going to LOVE that place! 😛

  2. I agree with you. Most people lack phone etiquette. They believe in yelling out to the world, be it a happy news or a sad one. It is quite embarrassing at times when you are in public places or in a bus or a train, where you are literally falling on each other! I go to the veggie market regularly, and I was once forced to tell one of the vendors to have mercy on my ear drums! lol Obviously, he didn’t oblige, though.

  3. Talk as much as you want, but has anyone told you what a PRIVATE conversation means? Why do you have to subject us to the agony of your life’s inanities.

    It irks me no end when people cannot keep their phones on silent at a movie or a play. And this despite the many requests.

    As a nation, we lack etiquettes.

    1. @ purba:
      We have posters all over our workplace which clearly asks everyone to put their cellphone on low tone. But who cares? And the funniest part is, when the entire floor is pin drop silent, suddenly a cell phone will scream out the latest Bollywood crap!! Its funny at times, but we are like this only 🙂

  4. I remember this embarrassing incident I faced while at work.

    With this other person on call, I whispered to one of my colleagues – very softly – to check something out.

    And that is when the other guy on the line pointed out that it’s extremely rude to talk to someone when you are on the call.

    This is one habit which I have tried to kick out, but haven’t been even slightly sucessfull.

    1. Oh yes, I know. I have seen Americans follow this diktat very strongly. Even when we are on client calls, they wait for us to finish before starting off with their comments. Indians do lack etiquettes, sadly!

  5. you know what is the worst. having an evening out wth a gd friend (or mostly the hubby) and they take phone calls all night! ohhhh! why cant ppl leave their cells for once?i mean would it kill them?

  6. What to say, just amazing LOL:)
    I remember telling some of my friends that they don’t need a phone. The guy on the other side can hear them out without a phone also

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