Gender bender

Are you parking it right?

Tight Car ParkingThere is good news for all the guys out there.  I came across this survey, which stated that the way male drivers park their cars in tight spaces, impress women, the most. Ain’t that easy? Better than chocolates and candy floss?

A car accessories retailer carried out this survey recently on the driving habits of both the sexes and most of the women confided what they loved the most about male drivers was that they knew what to do if there was a flat tyre (A valid point, I guess!)

  • Some  useful tips for all the men:
  • Trying to impress the lady? Park handsomely in some of the tight spaces you can find in the city.
  • Polish your reversing skills. This will definitely give you some brownie points.
  • Ask for directions. Please, please , please.

Some of the things, which men love about women as per the survey are:

  • Women are willing to ask for directions (Who wants to play ring-a ring-a roses in the middle of nowhere!)
  • They also adore the fact that women are well organised before leaving for a trip.( We are the best :))

At the same time, some of the things, which men hated about women, are:

  • They take too much time to move out of their parking slots. (Huh!! May be we don’t want to mow down old people or smash other cars parked next to ours)
  • They put on make up and do their hair at junctions (Yes! That’s called multitasking!! Moreover who has the time to do make up and hair when there are whining kids, unwilling to leave their beds!)

The survey also suggests that there has been an increase in the number of women drivers buying car parts. Some of the points made above look pretty dumb.  Its better to be engrossed with oneself at traffic points rather than peep into the neighbor’s car. Looks like the greatest myths surrounding female drivers are on their way to go bust !!!!


4 thoughts on “Are you parking it right?

  1. Its all related to testosterone, baby! 😉 😀

    Actually, the more testosterone you have been exposed to while you were in your mother’s womb, the more your spatial-configurating ability and, therefore, your driving, reverse parking skills develop.

    Unfortunately, the same hormone prevents us from asking directions and persist in our stubborn pig-headedness. 😦

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