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Switch Off Your TV

Have you heard of the ‘No TV Day” initiated by a leading newspaper in Mumbai? I think it’s an amazing concept to just unplug your idiot box for a whole day. Can you imagine a day without your favorite pancake laden soap queen or the over the top, dramatized so- called reality shows? I know there are many around here who just cannot survive without this daily dose of distraction.

When this news got around, the residents of my building complex decided to give it a shot.  As such we never miss an occasion and greatly believe in the saying “Unity in Diversity”, although many of us see  it as plain “show off” 🙂  Anyways, so to force people out of their homes on a Saturday morning, we have day long activities like debate, sports, competitions for kids and elders alike and so on.  It promises a day full of nonstop entertainment along with a cash prize for the winner. How exciting!

Gone are the days when there were a handful of TV channels with creative content! Today we have around 30- 40 news channels (there may be more) all doling out the most ridiculous and the silliest of “Breaking News”.  News channels have gone worse than the nausea inducing daily soaps. Somehow, television has killed the thinking ability of the common man. Children sit glued to their TV sets instead .When I was a kid I would wait for the evenings so that I could go and play a game of badminton with my friends or indulge in my hobby. It was so refreshing and fun. With computer games and other forms of entertainment, outdoor activities have reduced greatly.

The “No TV day” on 29th Jan 2011, is a great way to shun the couch, soak in some competitive spirit and get moving, Mumbai!


What’s your hobby?

hobby A leading newspaper reported that the word ‘hobby’ is becoming obsolete  these days. When our very own desi babus were asked about their hobbies, some very funny answers were revealed. Some mentioned talking on the phone, wearing neat clothes were among their hobbies!!! And I thought that was all about networking and hygiene!

Surely, they were not serious when they mentioned talking as a ‘hobby’! Somehow in this world of technology, ‘hobby’ is a lost cause. Hobby is an activity which is pursued in one’s leisure time to relax oneself. Collecting stamps and coins used to be a favorite hobby for many of us and still is. It is a great way of keeping in touch with our roots.

I find reading purely therapeutic. I can sit with a book without budging for days on end. This is how I used to spend my vacations during my schooling years. 🙂 Books can be the best companions. Lately, I have developed interest in arts and crafts. I love the idea of recycling. A carton box turning into a book stand, old magazines  into a beautiful collage, cold drink cans turning into lanterns and what not!! It’s amazing to see things getting revived and holding the fort among the new stuff.

With internet at our beck and call, it’s not hard to come up with creative ideas. But with social networking sites, Playstation and television keeping us busy, who’s got the time to indulge in creative and artistic things? Thankfully reading remains a favorite pastime for many of us even today. An ebook reader can never replace the joy of holding a hardback. Such is the bane of technology. It is up to us how we use technology to bring about self-development and growth. Do share some of your hobbies with me.