What’s your hobby?

hobby A leading newspaper reported that the word ‘hobby’ is becoming obsolete  these days. When our very own desi babus were asked about their hobbies, some very funny answers were revealed. Some mentioned talking on the phone, wearing neat clothes were among their hobbies!!! And I thought that was all about networking and hygiene!

Surely, they were not serious when they mentioned talking as a ‘hobby’! Somehow in this world of technology, ‘hobby’ is a lost cause. Hobby is an activity which is pursued in one’s leisure time to relax oneself. Collecting stamps and coins used to be a favorite hobby for many of us and still is. It is a great way of keeping in touch with our roots.

I find reading purely therapeutic. I can sit with a book without budging for days on end. This is how I used to spend my vacations during my schooling years. 🙂 Books can be the best companions. Lately, I have developed interest in arts and crafts. I love the idea of recycling. A carton box turning into a book stand, old magazines  into a beautiful collage, cold drink cans turning into lanterns and what not!! It’s amazing to see things getting revived and holding the fort among the new stuff.

With internet at our beck and call, it’s not hard to come up with creative ideas. But with social networking sites, Playstation and television keeping us busy, who’s got the time to indulge in creative and artistic things? Thankfully reading remains a favorite pastime for many of us even today. An ebook reader can never replace the joy of holding a hardback. Such is the bane of technology. It is up to us how we use technology to bring about self-development and growth. Do share some of your hobbies with me.


26 thoughts on “What’s your hobby?

  1. “An ebook reader can never replace the joy of holding
    a hardback.”

    You ate the words right from my mouth! 😮

    But many times, I find myself using my cell phone as a book….
    The only real books I have are scary 1000 – 3000 page tomes that are real scary! 😦

    Your recycling hobby impresses me! 🙂

    A hobby can be remarkably stress free and I find a hobby that contrasts your work helps.
    A sedentary life-style can benefit from a hobby that requires almost entirely mechanical/simple logical/creative efforts like gardening, recycling, painting, carpenting, even amateur cycling, running etc.
    And for a life that requires physical effort, a simple, relaxing hobby like reading, writing soothes the mind very well.

    But playing a musical instrument/singing can be donr by both, though!

    I like to walk/jog for looooong distances and simply LOVE trekking into woods!
    One of my fondest dreams is of trekking all the beautiful Forts of Maharashtra. I have managed Daulatabad and Panhala, but Panhala, in the winter, simply takes my breath away.
    I want to ‘conquer’ Raigad, too!

    But now I limit myself to Carter Road and Jogger’s Park, whenever I have time and am not mentally fatigued, which is so rare! 😦

  2. Wow I would love to go for treks, especially places of historical importance. But unfortunately haven’t been able to do so. I remember reading a book called “Roots” during my college days.. It was a 1500 page tome and boy, I was completely drained out by the time I finished it. But it was a good experience. I choose my books more carefully now 🙂 Hobbies definitely help us stay closer to how we actually began our life.

  3. Good post. Got me thinking. ..Whtz my hobby nowadays? I used to love read books when I was young. Now, with ipad and “terrible two” twins, roaming with hardcopy book in hand isnt practical , so I buy ebooks from amazon and read them during commute and before going to bed.
    1.When I am mad, I do these , I bake, I broil. I dunno the oven temperature may reveal my temperature.
    2.When I am blue, I like to sew – not crochet but making pillowcovers from Sarongs, and turning maxis to tops and goes on.
    3. I blog. This one I truly like. I do this when I am happy and I am sad as well. And gives me some timeoff from my twins and refreshes my mind from work as well.
    4. Weekends – Solely dedicated for my kids if I am not doing any volunteer work[Not dedicated volunteer work, but I like to see new people and do something which helps others as well, but not able to do on weekdays :)]. I take them out to new places and comeback home as deadmeat.

    1. Woah….you look super busy!!! Even I tried my hand at crocheting although i am still at picking up the basics. Reading is a passion which i nurture with great care and I hope to continue with it. I liked your blog and came via Sharell’s blog..Keep writing!

      1. Thanks Feistygal. I liked ur blog as well.
        My hubby got me brother sewing m/c for this christmas. As per him, sewing helps me more to address my blues rather than comforting words from him 🙂
        Men- you cant live with them , u cant live without them. They arent from mars they are shipped from hell 🙂
        I do one more, I rearrange my house. I cant stand same arrangement more than a month.
        I am not a busy bee. Many of my close acquaintances could vouch for the fact that I am tolerable when I sleep because I am trouble when I am awake. 🙂

  4. Well, I must say, I have got friends who say eating is their hobby too!!
    My hobbies would be sketching, reading(and you are so right about the ebooks!!!), trekking, birding!
    Recently added hobby: blogging, of course!
    Nice post! 😀

    1. I would definitely not want to inculcate eating as an hobby!! I do not enjoy hitting the gym 🙂 And yes even i enjoy blogging..but havent written a new post since long…watch out.. 🙂

    1. That’s great Harshad…Because most of the times people get over with the initial obsession with blogs very soon! It also helps in networking as well as improving our writing skills. Keep writing!

  5. I agree with you on the e book reader. I adore books. I love the smell of new books. Its something so personal, that a gadget can never replace.
    Though I am a huge gadget geek.
    But the only gadget I probably will never buy is an e book!!!
    That being said, as far as hobbies are concerned, I have a ton.
    Right from reading, to singing, painting, writing and as of now cooking!!!
    Sometimes I even wonder, so as to what am I doing in the medical profession!!!!

    1. Its nice to hear that you enjoy cooking, which is now no more a woman’s sole domain. I enjoy cooking too and yes have tried my hand at crocheting. Even i went through such doubtful phases during my engineering studies.:) I know that doctors have a hectic schedule, but it’s good that you are pursuing your interests.

  6. My hobbies are painting, running, playing, soccer, trying different cuisine, meeting people. FYI, I like what you got going on with your blog it’s very interesting.

  7. When I move to Mumbai in the next upcoming year I was thinking about taking on more yoga and maybe play soccer? (football) but does enough females over there play? I mean I like in a females leagues and coed with me.
    No, problem! come checkout my blog with you get a chance!! become a follower =)

  8. I am a reading freak and can read absolutely anything, even a piece of newspaper. Yes books are the best companions. I remember being beaten up many times when I was a kid. Only because I could not eat without a book besides my plate:)
    I like driving, travelling, and then music. Music is another companion who stays with you life long. I love to play my guitar.

      1. As I always say, lack of time is just a lame excuse. All those people who complain about it, have all the time for watching their favorite TV soap, or for gossip or for anything else you can imagine. If someone is really passionate about his/her hobby, it can be done at 1 in the night also. Just wanted to share two instances: –
        While I was learning guitar, a 72 year old dadajee also learnt violin with us. When we wondered, he just said that there is no age for dream. He got time now and he is learning it.
        Another example is one of my colleagues. He was in a good government job as a pharmacist but he was always passionate about software. He learnt it and joined it as a fresher. Even more, he would take leave for a month every year, go back to his village and do some farming. Though he did not need it and he had servants to do it, but he still did it just because he loved it.

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