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Switch Off Your TV

Have you heard of the ‘No TV Day” initiated by a leading newspaper in Mumbai? I think it’s an amazing concept to just unplug your idiot box for a whole day. Can you imagine a day without your favorite pancake laden soap queen or the over the top, dramatized so- called reality shows? I know there are many around here who just cannot survive without this daily dose of distraction.

When this news got around, the residents of my building complex decided to give it a shot.  As such we never miss an occasion and greatly believe in the saying “Unity in Diversity”, although many of us see  it as plain “show off” 🙂  Anyways, so to force people out of their homes on a Saturday morning, we have day long activities like debate, sports, competitions for kids and elders alike and so on.  It promises a day full of nonstop entertainment along with a cash prize for the winner. How exciting!

Gone are the days when there were a handful of TV channels with creative content! Today we have around 30- 40 news channels (there may be more) all doling out the most ridiculous and the silliest of “Breaking News”.  News channels have gone worse than the nausea inducing daily soaps. Somehow, television has killed the thinking ability of the common man. Children sit glued to their TV sets instead .When I was a kid I would wait for the evenings so that I could go and play a game of badminton with my friends or indulge in my hobby. It was so refreshing and fun. With computer games and other forms of entertainment, outdoor activities have reduced greatly.

The “No TV day” on 29th Jan 2011, is a great way to shun the couch, soak in some competitive spirit and get moving, Mumbai!


9 thoughts on “Switch Off Your TV

  1. I agree with you. The TV channels instead of bringing the world , it has to started to fuel the MIL,DIL feud, blowup petty incidents like Aishwarya’s meltdown in Malaysia,blah blah blah. And totally cookedup , unreal reality shows. Easy-rite? You dont need script for catfights. Why waste creativity of writers with story and script.
    And the special programs on festivals and holidays really taken the spirit of the holiday and the reason. Some contests and all movie related junks.

    1. It was great..a day full of activities. Starting with morning walk & yoga, drawing competition for kids and elders, sports activities and much more. It was fun and my complex people ensured that no one stayed at home. 🙂

  2. I like the idea of that. We should def. have something like this in America. because, we are so filled with watching tv daily after work what do we do? We come home to relax a little bit and then cook for some time then flop our bodies in front of the tv.

    1. Hey Linhy..this is what happens in metropolitan cities in India…We are married to the couch & television, ofcourse 🙂 Then what follows is, people suffering from all kinds of illnesses because they do not have the time for any exercise or any scope of personal development . Life becomes a rut after you have a family of your own. Even the kids are addicted to of my friends’ told me that her little one , all of two years, can hum the latest songs which come on TV!! Imagine!

  3. Priya :I like this no TV idea. The problem becomes even worse for software engineers who spent their entire day in front of the computer and then relax after work in front of the TV. Hence most people in my profession have all the diseases possible in the medical dictionary. We should spend entire weekends and after office hours not touching the TV or the computer at home or the Mobile Phone. I often find myself browsing on the phone when I am not hooked onto TV .

    1. yea thats what even i do 🙂 slump in front of the TV even if nothing interesting is being shown on it! Guess its more of a habit than an addiction!! Yes, the laptop/ phone is a totally new issue altogether which gets on my nerves!

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