How Google Fooled Me!

As soon as I reached office, the first thing I did was check out my mails. This is my routine even before I start my Outlook 🙂 The Gmail page looked a bit different today and that’s when I noticed a new feature from Google- Gmail Motion. Woah, what’s that? I wondered…The description said:

‘Gmail Motion uses your computer’s built-in webcam and Google’s patented spatial tracking technology to detect your movements and translate them into meaningful characters and commands. Movements are designed to be simple and intuitive for people of all skill levels.’

I couldn’t wait to try this.Google does bring in interesting stuff, but this was very unusual. The page looked tempting enough. Google MotionI clicked the Try Gmail Motion tab instantly. And voilà!! Such a fool!!! I was fooled by, none other than Google as this is what I got to see 😦

Google's April FoolA very clever trick by Google… Happy April Fools’ Day Guys! I have been fooled big time…What about you?? 🙂


20 thoughts on “How Google Fooled Me!

  1. oh wow..i just commented on some dude’s post about this new feature on google…he posted it as the real deal…i guess he got fooled but he still doesnt know it! lol poor guy!!!

    1. i just found out that blogger posted it on purpose to fool others…lol i was fooled i guess cause i gave my opinion on the new google feature!

  2. It has become a tradition now on April 1st to wait for google to pull awesome prank to top their the prev year.
    And they make it sound without any hint. Pigeons working on search engines and toilet modem etc.,

  3. Haha I just found your blog , but you should know , some smart guy’s hooked up his microsoft kinect to actually use gmail ( with gestures I’m guessing ) so the jokes on Google.

  4. Few days later, I read somewhere that ICT MxR lab in one of the US univ actually implemented the Google Motion using Microsoft Kinect…
    This time google was fooled…

  5. I honestly didn’t think people would fall for that. I mean, can you imagine flapping your hands around to move around your mail when you could click instead?? 😀

    But I’ve been victim of Google’s other pranks 😐

    1. Flapping around the mailbox does seem weird and noisy…Imagine, assigning 1 clap for opening a mail, 2 for deleting 🙂 I guess, somewhat like the lady who played Jeannie years ago:)

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