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Excuses You Can Use!

Excuses… thing which we all cannot live without.  How many times have you tried one to escape a excusesbothering aunt, a nagging friend, the call center guy and a million others getting on your nerves?  Well, it is the best possible way to get away without hurting someone!

So, here are some golden excuses which are used or ‘abused’ quite often:

I am busy—– Practically for anything!! You just have to bang the phone after saying this to prove it!

I am not well——Second most abused excuse after the first one, most probably to get a day off from work to attend an interview

Can you call me at say, 6 in the evening?—-To avoid a call center guy trying to sell a credit card, hoping that he would forget to call back, but bingo! He calls you again L

I have plans, sorry— To a clingy friend who is asking you out for a coffee

My friend had an accident and I have to rush—–Mostly to your mom, when you have to go out with friends on a weekend

I have lots to study —- Very handy, when you are being forced to attend a relative’s wedding

Will call you-——-While signing off after chatting with a friend (I seriously do not know why people say this when they are not going to call, in reality)

Hey, I think am getting another call, will call you back——- (In case your friend /relative are not in a mood to hang up. And yes, the call back never happens 🙂 )

I am stressed out-——– A common excuse for smoking!

I am so tired today —– Used often for missed gym sessions or morning walks ( I use this quite a number of times)

My watch stopped working—— On coming late to work

I am on my way already——- For a friend who is waiting on us ( but the fact is, you are still fumbling for the house keys 🙂 )

My teeth feel so clean——– A perfect excuse for not brushing the teeth at night!

Chocolate is good for your heart——– Agreed, but that doesn’t mean swallowing an entire bar at a go.

From the above list of excuses, honestly, I have used most of them at some point of time. But then, who wouldn’t, if you are asked to attend a boring wedding ceremony when,you can while away your time with your girlie gang instead 🙂 and I am sure most of us can identify with the above mentioned excuses( I am feeling better already 🙂 )

Do you have any of your own ? 🙂


13 thoughts on “Excuses You Can Use!

  1. Nice list! 😉

    Especially the “I have lots to study” one.

    As for those annoying call centre credit card nutters, I always say,
    “Uncle, I am still in school! But can I still get a credit card on my dad’s account…. on the sly, of course?”

    I don’t hear from the same one, again! 😛

    I have got a tall, lanky friend, thin as a reed and he always gets away with this one:-

    “Ma’am/Sir, I am feeling very weak and dizzy! I feel like lying down. I am anaemic and hypoglycaemic!”

    You wouldn’t believe from what stuff he has managed to avoid…. especially quite a few boring lectures!
    (He has managed to get out in the middle of a quite a few of them…. while we stare at him in jealous admiration!)

    But now that I am an intern, I am beginning to learn, appreciate and use excuses.

    My senior quipped the other day, “Boy, the incidence traffic snarls and the local trains getting late seem to have risen since you have become an intern!”

    The best one I have heard was when a ‘brave’ friend of mine actually tried to sell to his girlfriend when he was an hour late for their date,

    “A black cat crossed my path and I had to take a long detour around!”

    Needless to say, by the end of that day he must have believed that he had really crossed a black cat’s path! 😛

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