Beauty Fixes

Wella Kolestint

As I have mentioned earlier , I am not particularly fond of experimenting with my hair, at least not after the great ‘hair scare’ debacle I have been through earlier. So when I received the latest hair color ‘ touted’ as the best, i couldn’t hold myself back. I tried to experiment with my mom in – laws’ hair. Hey don’t call me mean now!  She loves to color her hair and does it often.

So armed with the new hair color , I set off on my mission– Cover the gray! Needless to say, she was very happy with what she saw in the end. Wella did live up to the expectations, although I would have appreciated if it stayed on a bit longer. Also, I prefer going for the streaks, rather than entire coverage.  I am definitely going to try it out on myself. Have a look at the new Wella Kolestint after application results.

Feel free to share your experiences!


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