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Walking in the rains…

I know, I know Mumbai rains are to die for! Everyone gushes about the lovely weather Mumbaiites get to enjoy during the monsoon. It is a huge respite from the sweltering heat and everyone looks forward to it with great pleasure. But things are changing and it is never like it used to be. The very fact that the infrastructure in Mumbai is falling apart doesn’t help the Mumbaikar in a great way. I have never found the rains, especially in Mumbai, to be an ear shrieking, jumping -with-joy affair. Definitely not after being stuck up in one of the biggest floods some years back. This is definitely not how I envision the rainy season: Walking in the rains

 This happens only in the movies!

All I can think of is this:


When I was a kid, I hated the umbrella because it never served the purpose. I would trundle to school with a mighty umbrella so that I do not get drenched. The queue system in school ensured that the kids learn how to behave and wait patiently till the bell rings. However, the kid behind me would make sure that the raindrops trailing off his / her umbrella dripped right on to my head or my uniform’s sleeve. A fight would ensue and everyone tried their best to avoid each other’s umbrella. How I hated that!! Sitting all drenched in the classroom with four or five students packed on a bench was never fun. Ugh!

The uber cool rain boots (sigh) were even more pathetic. First, there were not much of color choices and designs to choose from like the ones we have today. There used to be solid colors like black or pink and I preferred black, don’t know why. The boots were high enough to make sure that my tiny nubile feet stay protected from the muddy waters. But alas, this never lasted for long.  The rains would fall in every angular direction and thus gain entry into my precious boots and I would cringe. The funny sound it made would guarantee giggles as soon as I entered the classroom. Not very lovely memories of the rain…

As time passed by, I got better equipped to tackle the rains. Travelling by local trains during the monsoon is no small feat. The worst part would be to stand still, patiently, in the crowded trains while getting doused with holy rain water or getting hit in the guts with a phoren-made umbrella. Young college girls with long ferrule umbrellas resembling walking sticks don’t make life easier. And the never-ending fights in the famed Mumbai locals add spice to the damp weather.

But sometimes I do feel like walking in the rains when the weather looks pleasant. I have tried that, really, only to be doused by muddy waters from passing vehicles. The large potholes on the roads filled with yuck do not fit well in the romantic monsoon scene. The gait which I adopt during the rains resembles a child walking on a tight rope. I have heard of so many incidents where people have fallen into open manholes because someone stole the manhole covers for hard cash…Oops! So much for walking in the rains.

Apart from the occasional waterfalls, treks and hikes which people love to go for, there is nothing awe striking about the rains in Mumbai. The hardships which one has to deal with almost wipes off any pleasure the rain has to offer.  I know many of us really love the monsoon and eagerly await this part of the year. We Mumbaiites are blessed with ample rainfall and should definitely make the best of it, but pray, tell me, can I ever get the pleasure of walking in the rain, without a hoot to care about…


32 thoughts on “Walking in the rains…

  1. I went to Mumbai when i was a kid, just for a day when we stopped for Goa! and it was a sunny day too.. so not that i know much about it Practically… but by ur post – i can visualise EVERYTHING! i mean, isnt that what writing is all about?

    1. Thanks for stopping by Samik! At times the rain really gets on my nerves. With Mumbai failing to provide great infrastructure, life becomes a mess during the rains!!! 🙂

  2. Hi Priya,
    You have brillianty expressed the pain and suffering that a Mumbaikar has to endure during the rains. What is supposed to be a season of frolic and merrymaking turns out into a harrowing experience thanks to Mumbai’s inadequate infrastructure. And that irritating school kid with the dripping umbrella…that might have well been me 🙂

  3. you are absolutely right…donot forget to mention the cows who shit only during this season making it even more worse tow alk…and donot forget the corn skin which lies on every corner of the road….. yuck!!!!am blessed to have my company bus

  4. hey priya…nice post and all concerns upto mark, but thats the nature..we can’t help, if it won’t rain we will be the one to suffer,.. ya the government needs to do a lot but then its not always possible to take care of all.

    but thenn i would surely say.. jz keep smiling and enjoy da drops.. it may fill ur heart with all beautiful vibrations…

  5. Hahaha legendary!! So much for the romance and the “Oh! it’s Monsoon” emotions :D.. You just screwed it all lol :D… Nice post.

    Keep writing!


  6. Whatever misfortunes the monsoons might bring with it…still cannot delink it from the romantic ambience it creates,,,,,all ur points well taken….but yet…..its WOW the rains for me…..Beautifully organised train of thought though, must say 🙂

  7. Hey it seems to be pretty much the same in Hyderabad!
    I enjoy rains. Absolutely loved them as a kid. It was such a blessing to not consider dirty puddles as… well dirty! We used to practically jump in the puddles on the way back home from school. And getting a holiday because of rain was so cool.
    Getting drenched was a joy! Because we did NOT have to travel by public transport right after getting drenched. Mom would pull us in and put us into nice clean, dry and warm clothes.
    But half the joy went out of rain when I first stood in a bus with wet people all around me. Sometimes they even lean on you. God. The second time, it was ramzaan and me and mom were fasting. It was raining hard and the bus was full and traffic was unbelievable (because of people all wanting to shop during ramzan AND because of the rain!)!
    I think I should stop now or I’d probably end up writing a comment longer than your post! 😛
    A really well written post I must say!

    1. Thanks Sarah for your comment. The idea of getting drenched was even more joyful as a kid. But now the scenario has changed a lot. We are more worried about getting back home without getting stuck up in traffic. I am sure no one would ever stop in wonder when there are vehicles honking around you and with puddles all around. And dont worry about the long comments…I love them 🙂

  8. Awesome job on the writing!

    And yes, that only happens in the movies. I used to think that light California showers were “rain”, but after being in the rain in a tropical storm area, rain isn’t my favorite anymore!


    1. You have got a valid reason there Edwin..And we in Mumbai, do experience torrential rains, which makes life in this metropolitan city really troublesome. Thanks for droppin by 🙂

  9. I remember my first rain in Mumbai…I was in an auto and a speeding car splashed water into the auto. I was totally drenched…Yuck!

    Well, that was nothing compared to the floods of 2005 – walked from Malad to Kandivali(E). That was one helluva experience…

    But, as you say, romance was never in the air during the Mumbai rain…:)))

    1. hey thanks for dropping by…i had walked from kurla to chembur, lost my way in between and then walked back till vikhroli in 2005…..will remain etched in my mind forever!!!

  10. I’m not from Mumbai and what Mumbai rains always used to bring to my mind was the view of sea link and the song ‘Iktaara’.. now this is entirely different.. this post portrays the real aspect and it’s good.. really…

  11. being a Delhi-ite thru and thru…have always heard about the mumbai rains in a nice way…(except the year when mumbai got flooded)…now planned a holiday to your city with the kids in june end..and yr post is scaring me…

    Hoping it wont be too bad!!!!

    1. dont worry ruchi…its not dat bad! or may be we mumbaikars have learnt ot take it in our stride. But let me tel u mumbai rains are to die for!! Dont worry u will ahve a good time! 🙂

      1. hey thanks!!!! can i use this opportunity to hear from a mumbaikar..where all to go keeping the monsoon in mind….i am staying on marine drive:)

        1. in and around mumbai? lots of places from mumbai…lonavla, matheran, mahabaleshwar, malshej ghat, tungareshwar, kamshet, bhandardara…just do a quick search on google and u will get laods on information about these places.

  12. hi there!!! just bk from your city..and i loved being there!!! kudos to your city and to all like you who call it yours!!! had a smooth stay and was so easy to move around….all in all a good break from my very own gurgaon:))))

    already planning my next trip to mumbai:))))

    1. Glad you loved it Ruchi…but unfortunately, the rains seem pretty slow moving this time…although,there are sudden bursts of showers, right when i step out for work. 🙂 Not very encouraging, but that’s Mumbai rains..its best enjoyed while sitting at home with a cuppa coffee 🙂

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