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Changing Faces Of Nivea

How i adored those little round blue tins of ‘snow’ as it was called in those days!! In the earlier days i.e the 90s, the round blue tins of Nivea used to be the answer for anything under the sun!!Every indian household used to boast of these miracle creams, which were mostly gifted by uncles who came from the Gulf land.

Nivea has evolved since then and has forayed into products for men and women like deodorants, range of whitening products, anti-aging, facewash, lip care and under-eye care.The blue tin however wasnt always blue. Lets take a look at the evolution of our favorite product:

Nivea Creme over the yearssource: afaqs

The simple logo, a mix of plain and cursive letters embossed on the lid, was enough to captivate the entire world. No marketing gimmicks and branding efforts required here. The German product Nivea is based on trust, care and quality and is  celebrating its 100th birthday with a bang this year.

Nivea as it is today:

Nivea productsLook at the way how Nivea has evolved with the changing trends. And i am sure no one is complaining. I still remember how the tin would be reused for small knick knacks with the faint fragrance of the creme still lingering on.  I am a stickler for body lotions and love to indulge in cosmetics which come in fancy bottles and prepped up wrappings. However Nivea fascinates me with its blue colored tin sans the prep ups. Strange!

So here’s wishing the humble cold cream, many more beautiful years in future!!


8 thoughts on “Changing Faces Of Nivea

    1. hey yea..just a change of theme…WP comes up with awesome themes and couldn’t stop myself:) We still have all the oldies around, although they are trying to grab their foothold along with the new stuff

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