New beginning

A ‘driving’ experience

How I envy “with green eyes” those who flick out their keys and turn on the ignition of a four wheeler with relative ease!!! Long back i harbored a simple dream, to drive a four wheeler on my own. And it still remains a dream though! 😦 I have had a fascination for cars for as long as i can remember. And i was proud of the fact that i knew more about cars than any of my female friends.

Driving a car During my college days, I finally decided to take up driving lessons. I still remember my first driving instructor, an old chap, chewing betel nut  and red drool flowing out of his mouth. All i wanted to do was, run out of the car and get some fresh air. And somehow i managed to complete my training and got hold of my license.

Since i was in college, i never got a chance to drive on my own. Now that I have a car at home, I tried to put my skills to test. So ‘the husband’ decided to take me on a test drive and put me through maximum embarrassment. I chose a lonely road so that I dont end up knocking down people the very first day! ‘The husband’ very graciously let me take to the wheel, although i was very sure he must be praying from within. I have to admit he loves his gadgets more than me. I was all tensed as i put the key in and tried to start the car.

Suddenly I blanked out. ‘The husband’ decided to take a verbal test before i got on the road. He asked me what I am gonna do once I start the car. And lo, everything flew out of my head right out of the window. I struggled with the clutch, the gears and every damn thing. He declared that I am totally ignorant and he went on to teach me a few things. After a lot of yelling and drama, I began my trip only to realize that the road had a few downward as well as upward slopes. I got all stuck up and i could see a monstrous BEST bus right behind me honking and screaming its guts out! I had a panic attack and ‘the husband’ had to rescue me from the wrath of the driver.

A few more yellings and i decided that i couldn’t drive. But that hasn’t deterred me from taking up driving. I braved all the screaming from ‘the husband’ and  a few more sessions later, I gathered the courage to drive but still haven’t ventured out into the wild, crazy traffic of Mumbai. Of course, there were many funny moments like the time when I was driving down a slope and when i reached the main road, I was left wondering why my car has stopped suddenly, only to realize that all this while it was acting at the behest of gravity and I hadn’t turned on the ignition!! How ridiculously hilarious!!

At times, I would forget to take off the hand brake or I would just simply forget to look at the rear mirror. I very rarely realized that there was a side mirror on my car and I am supposed to be very alert while driving. I always used to wonder why ‘the husband’ never talks while driving. I attributed it to the fact that men aren’t good at multi tasking until i myself figured it out that its best to shut up and concentrate on the road because in Mumbai, you never know what lands up in front of you. Suddenly a man would come out of the bushes and jump in front of your car, school going kids decide to take a leisure walk, on the main road, mind you. If nothing comes up, you always have the potholes to be careful of!!But it was fun and I am looking forward to another session of driving some time soon. Wish me luck! 🙂

What are your first time driving memories?