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A ‘driving’ experience

How I envy “with green eyes” those who flick out their keys and turn on the ignition of a four wheeler with relative ease!!! Long back i harbored a simple dream, to drive a four wheeler on my own. And it still remains a dream though! 😦 I have had a fascination for cars for as long as i can remember. And i was proud of the fact that i knew more about cars than any of my female friends.

Driving a car During my college days, I finally decided to take up driving lessons. I still remember my first driving instructor, an old chap, chewing betel nut  and red drool flowing out of his mouth. All i wanted to do was, run out of the car and get some fresh air. And somehow i managed to complete my training and got hold of my license.

Since i was in college, i never got a chance to drive on my own. Now that I have a car at home, I tried to put my skills to test. So ‘the husband’ decided to take me on a test drive and put me through maximum embarrassment. I chose a lonely road so that I dont end up knocking down people the very first day! ‘The husband’ very graciously let me take to the wheel, although i was very sure he must be praying from within. I have to admit he loves his gadgets more than me. I was all tensed as i put the key in and tried to start the car.

Suddenly I blanked out. ‘The husband’ decided to take a verbal test before i got on the road. He asked me what I am gonna do once I start the car. And lo, everything flew out of my head right out of the window. I struggled with the clutch, the gears and every damn thing. He declared that I am totally ignorant and he went on to teach me a few things. After a lot of yelling and drama, I began my trip only to realize that the road had a few downward as well as upward slopes. I got all stuck up and i could see a monstrous BEST bus right behind me honking and screaming its guts out! I had a panic attack and ‘the husband’ had to rescue me from the wrath of the driver.

A few more yellings and i decided that i couldn’t drive. But that hasn’t deterred me from taking up driving. I braved all the screaming from ‘the husband’ and  a few more sessions later, I gathered the courage to drive but still haven’t ventured out into the wild, crazy traffic of Mumbai. Of course, there were many funny moments like the time when I was driving down a slope and when i reached the main road, I was left wondering why my car has stopped suddenly, only to realize that all this while it was acting at the behest of gravity and I hadn’t turned on the ignition!! How ridiculously hilarious!!

At times, I would forget to take off the hand brake or I would just simply forget to look at the rear mirror. I very rarely realized that there was a side mirror on my car and I am supposed to be very alert while driving. I always used to wonder why ‘the husband’ never talks while driving. I attributed it to the fact that men aren’t good at multi tasking until i myself figured it out that its best to shut up and concentrate on the road because in Mumbai, you never know what lands up in front of you. Suddenly a man would come out of the bushes and jump in front of your car, school going kids decide to take a leisure walk, on the main road, mind you. If nothing comes up, you always have the potholes to be careful of!!But it was fun and I am looking forward to another session of driving some time soon. Wish me luck! 🙂

What are your first time driving memories?


20 thoughts on “A ‘driving’ experience

  1. Growing up and driving in Chennai I can totally empathize with you. I just got my license a while ago and yes, I just can’t envy women who drive so casually and effortlessly. I haven’t had any “incident” in my driving expeditions, yet. But Even I’m not going to give it up, till I drive like those women whom I envied 🙂

    Good luck you too 🙂

  2. he he he great post 😀 I totally relate to all that you underwent. To make matters worse I had a chatterbox woman as my driving teacher. But she was great and luckily my dad took up the task of training me “on the roads” right after my driving classes in college. After much yelling and drama now I am the family ‘driver’.. Keep practising. That helps 🙂

  3. you know what you got to do!! Leave the husband back home, call a friend who has full faith in you that you will not get him killed and let him get you on the road! one trip and you will master the art!!

    that’s how i learnt my bike and i could easily manage bangalore traffic and even took my husband on a ride to prove my point 😀

    1. That’s going to be my next plan!! Thanks chintan…More than the driving, I am scared of hitting someone on the road, because the roads are fully occupied by pedestrians. People are still ignorant about sidewalks/footpaths.

  4. Nice one. I learnt driving a couple of years back too and my husband taught me too! You just have to accept the yelling, get into a few heated arguments, but in the end its the Mumbai road you are driving on. It certainly is difficult for husbands to not get ultra jumpy on them! And if you can drive in Mumbai, try Dharavi if you really want an acid test of your skill and you can drive anywhere in the world!

  5. There are some interesting points in time in this article but I don’t know if I see all of them center to heart. There is some validity but I will take hold opinion until I look into it further. Good article , thanks and we want more! Added to FeedBurner as well

  6. that was entertaaining.
    During early days of my driving, I suddenly developed a left right confusion while overtaking an auto with a truck comming in my direction from front. by the time i realised I was on the wrong side, it was too late. All I coud do was drive into a ditch. Took 5 men to put it back on the road. Lukily, no one hurt.

  7. What a funny recount of a poor soul’s (husband) awful moment. I am glad you didn’t blame your husband for any of the letdown that day.
    My first driving experience was at 16, not so much memorable for me but can’t say that for sure about others around my car that day. Dad’s car parked at relative’s farm, key left in the car, private road, teenage adrenaline — recipe for a perfect temptation that could not be resisted. Learned it hard way that driving a car at videogame parlor is not the same as driving it on the street. Desperate foot pushed the paddle to stop the car, late realization it was an accelerator. The screams around me weren’t helpful either. Even the road realized this car is not meant for his turf & in no time it was off and ploughing the pasture. What screams couldn’t accomplish, was achieved within seconds by a richly manured field. Not only the car stopped, it just hugged the ground as if made for each other. Father wasn’t the person to face that day, so let the favorite uncle handle the aftermath.
    Thinking of a brighter side, that was supposed to be a fun filled day. I just added an adventure for me and thrill for the rest. People should have thanked me for that. But you know how unappreciative the world is.
    Anyways, I had to wait another two years to go behind the wheels. Of course lot of pleading, convincing and negotiating after that it was smooth sailing.

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