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Why do i love ‘Freshly Pressed?’

I am a lousy blogger,  I admit! I mean, would you even call me one? Lately, i have been hit by the biggest and the strongest writer’s block (i love that term!)one could ever imagine!! I still remember the day when I started this blog, all enthusiastic and overjoyed, like a 5-year-old kid. My heart would flutter on seeing  WordPress notifications in my inbox…Yay!! a new comment awaiting my attention!!!  It  still does, by the way! And that is why i still cannot completely ignore my fledgling blog..I login everyday religiously, thinking of writing something which will inspire or confuse or encourage or simply amuse my reader. But alas, now a days , I have turned into a reader more than a blogger.

Freshly Pressed,eh?
Freshly Pressed,eh?

Yup, the ‘Freshly Pressed’ section  gives me plenty of reasons to deviate from the task   of ‘writing’ a new post and infusing some life into my blog! Firstly, its like the Academy Awards sponsored by WordPress! I am sure every WP blogger, including myself, would love to see their posts getting featured here. Now, that is one helluva motivating reason to write, and to write well!!  So most of the times, I find myself reading through the innumerable blogs getting featured on FP. I am almost overwhelmed with choices, to pick one from the entire lot of articles, to begin with. I scour for catchy headlines, but then end up reading every article.

It’s almost like a mini library in itself . Most of the times, i find myself rummaging through the archives to while away my time. I do not have to take out time to go to the library nor do i have to stick with a 500 page novel for weeks! Quick and simple! I would have liked an archives section somewhere on FP ! (hear me , WP guys?or did i miss it?) It would have made my life easier but, this is great too. It also helps me save my time in looking for new blogs or interesting topics and I love the eclectic mix of topics, some serious,  some funny, some very pretty to look at (courtesy food blogs) and some ‘how to get FPed’ tutorial posts! The whole idea behind getting obsessed with FP was that at least I would get inspired sometime mid way, get off my couch and start writing. And voilà! it happened!  Good riddance, writer’s block! 🙂


I had to share this piece! Enjoy!

Pretty Feet, Pop Toe

I haven’t done much in the past week to generate much inspirational hatred or annoyance and so my scathing humour is offering up little in the way of wryly observed witterings based on the cretins I’ve met. Fear not for I still have plenty to say about life in general, only this week I’m not aiming to make you laugh, I’m aiming to impart some sage advice on a subject I usually avoid like a plague ridden crack den; Love, or more specifically, that which happens when love goes wrong. Heartbreak.

Every one of us spends our every waking moment (and a few sleeping ones) hoping to find and hold on to never-ending love. We are programmed to crave it like Pavlov’s dog craves a spittoon and so it never occurs to us that actually, the opposite of love may be something desirable and beneficial to us in the long…

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