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Reliance Digital- A delightful experience

Thanks to Indiblogger, I have finally come out of my rut. As every blogger would agree, starting a blog is easy but maintaining one is tough! I have learned the hard way. Nevertheless, this particular contest on Indiblogger forced me out of my house, all the way to the Reliance Digital store in Mulund. Reliance Digital is the consumer electronics arm of Reliance Retail Ltd. Although I had been there before, I wasn’t sure how and what I would write about my experience at electronic shopping. So i decided to check in at the store some time in the noon.

I was directed to a small group of bloggers who had come in earlier already and in a discussion with Mr Kapil from Reliance Digital. I joined the introductory session. Image

The Reliance Digital in Mulund is fairly huge with all sorts of electronic gadgets and appliances neatly stacked and segregated for an easy shopping experience. Mr Kapil took us through each section, with detailed explanation about the products. He was very patient throughout the session and answered every single query thrown by the fellow bloggers.

We were introduced to the various sections in the store which housed LED TVs, household appliances, laptops and mobile phones, head sets, home music theater systems from all major brands.

Mr Kapil showcasing the LED TVs

Reliance Digital also helps you assess the kind of TV one should select for their house, with labelled markings on the floor with proper viewing distances. All major brands were available here. Some of them even had attractive offers. Then we were taken to other sections which stationed laptops, DSLR cameras, personal grooming appliances, music systems, gaming zone etc.

The well showcased DSLR kiosk had all the required information for you to help with selecting the best one. The best part about shopping at Reliance Digital is the detailing done for all the products, along with offers and EMI schemes wherever applicable. Mr. Kapil proudly spoke about how Reliance has been aggressive in its approach and has managed to open up 500 stores in just 2 years. He also mentioned that customer service is one of their prime differentiators when compared to other competitors in the market.

And to prove his point, he took us to the customer care centre which takes care of all the customer queries and complaints.  ImageThe CRM kiosk attends to regular queries from the customer thus emphasizing on customer service, their motto being ‘Grahak Devo Bhava’. I was glad to hear this because customer service is one area where all the major retail outlets need to focus.

Next we were taken to the home theater engagement zone.It was a glass enclosure along with seating arrangements for one to test the system before buying. Ms Swati from Reliance Digital explained in detail about Reliance’s in house brand named Reconnect, powered by sound specialists Harman Kardon.

Engagement Zone

Ms Swati also showed us how Reliance has adopted the MPOS (Mobile Point Of Sale) system for easy billing, across all the stores. An iPhone, with a customized software developed by an IT major, allows one to swipe his card on the phone thus alleviating the trouble of long billing queues. This once again reiterates that they strongly believe in the saying ‘Customer Is King”.

All in all, it was a wonderful experience, as I got to know a lot about their process. Both the Reliance Digital representatives did a wonderful job of taking us through the entire process patiently. Looks like they have everything going for them and Reliance Digital was absolutely a delightful experience.

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Can you speak your mother tongue?

kolaveri di dhanush Heard the latest rage on the web ‘Kolaveri Di’? What is the most endearing thing about a guy who can barely sing, crooning into a microphone, in the most ridiculous way? The best thing about the guy is that he is being himself. In an era where people are ashamed to refer to their ethnicity, here comes a guy who croons a different tune. No anglicized rap, mind you! Its pure old Tamil + English, now famously known as Tanglish.

I adore this guy for the fact that he gives a I care a damn attitude. There are scores of people, especially among the South Indian community who refuse to acknowledge the fact that they are South Indians!! They prefer to talk in English over their mother tongue and may even indulge in cheap name calling a Madrasi guy, just to look cool. This comes from my personal experience where I have come across people especially from South India. They proudly accept the fact that they do not know their mother tongue and are not very keen to learn it. But they are dying to learn a  foreign language. How ironical!!

May be they are ashamed of being labelled a ‘Madrasi’ which is again a moniker for the entire South Indian community. But why? I fail to understand the whole idea behind this. And the very same people wouldn’t mind having ‘Kolaveri Di’ on their playlist! Then there are fake accents and attitudes to deal with too, but that’s a different ball game altogether. I hate it when people tell me that ‘we eat, sleep and think in English first’, huh!! Really? Since when did English become our first language so much so that even our songs are filled with crappy English lyrics!

Today’s generation is a confused lot. They hate to speak their own language but wouldn’t mind wolfing down a idli dosa. They hate all the customs and traditions, yet wouldn’t mind going hungry for a day to please the gods. And i am not targetting the younger lot of today. I have seen the older generation do the same thing. People who have been brought up on morning prayers and devotional songs sung by M S Subbulakshmi now find it boring. Everyone must respect their mother tongue because it is the foundation of one’s culture and moral values.

You may love it or hate it, but the Kolaveri fever has definitely caught on! For a change, Tanglish sounds way stylish and entertaining than propah English.

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Let’s take a detour

I love to reminisce my good old school days when everything used to be so uncomplicated.  Quality ruled over quantity, as opposed to what the situation is today. The tv shows were so much fun then, some of which we could definitely relate to. My top picks from an era gone by are(in no particular order):

old sitcoms, tv showsold tv shows  It was a perfect mix of family values sprinkled with humor, love, inspiration and at times emotions too. I miss coming home to Jeannie and her master, or the FRIENDS going about their usual antics, and the menace named Dennis. I was a big fan of  I dream of Jeannie. The master was cute ;). I also watched Who’s The Boss?, Mad About You, Silver Spoons, Wonder Years, Happy Days and so on…Gosh! The only Hindi serial which i ever got to see was Dekh Bhai Dekh. It was hilarious and was a major hit, back then. I know I might have missed a lot of names here, so do let me know what are your faves…